Any party may join as long as they:

  1. Have an Autonomous System Number assigned by a Regional Internet Registry

  2. Have public IP Space which may either be directly assigned by a Regional Internet Registry or by an upstream carrier. Space less than a /24 IPV4 may not be accepted by other participants.

  3. Have an entry in

  4. Have a router capable of BGP4 and a gigabit singlemode ethernet port available (please ask if you need other connection options)

Participants are responsible for the cross connect from the Meet-Me-Room to their tie down.

To start the process of joining the exchange, please click here SignUP

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An LOA will be sent to you along with instructions and IPs. Once the cross connect is complete simply set up your BGP session so testing may complete. Upon successful setup and testing your port will be set to the public VLAN and you will be able to peer automatically with all participants on the route server and unilaterally with anyone else you wish on the exchange.

Certain routes, such as L-Root and AS112, are only available on the route server